Teaching the World to Sing, Pitchy


“I’d like to teach the world to sing, pitchy”

In deference to the judges at American Idol and all things ‘pitchy,’ I still remember with great fondness watching that classic Coca-Cola commercial as a kid. It seemed the whole world came together to ‘teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.’  I think that ignited my fascination with all things global, so I don’t really care ever if its pitchy or not.  Coming together is a good thing.

And isn’t it interesting – well, to me at least – that I am thinking of that commerical again as a way to describe my business, CSR Transformations.  Bottom line, we help companies help the world to sing  – yeah, in perfect pitchy harmony – but also balanced against their business strategy.  What does that mean?  Well, the mega companies understand where Corporate Social Responsibilty is going and how it can benefit their business.  But the idea hasn’t quite trickled down yet.  

For companies with traditional Community Relations or Foundations, often separate from their Environmental Health & Safety functions, we help you bring your worlds together.  Its about balancing responsibility to the market/shareholders with responsibilty to the environment, human rights, philanthropy and community in a way that has a greater impact for all. 

So stay tuned as we start this new melody.  I’ll be sure to keep the ‘pitchy pitching’ about the business down to a minimum.  That’s not what you want to read anyway.  Today’s Rant & Rave is just the first ‘note’ to get us started … in perfect harmony, of course! 


About csrtrans

President/Senior Consultant & Global PR professional. CSR Transformations, Ltd. offers a consortium of independent consultants from around the world providing contracted expertise in Communications, Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility.
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