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A Twisted Thanksgiving: 5 Ways to Get Your Giving On!

Hey, I knew there would be a barrage of posts and blogs this time of year touting how thankful someone is for every precious thing – and rightfully so – but I thought it might be an interesting twist to … Continue reading

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How to Make Culture Work for You

I was thinking today about culture. On one hand, it’s a pretty vague word, isn’t it? I mean, it’s one of those words tossed about where you think everyone understands exactly what you mean – and yet they probably don’t. … Continue reading

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Rant: Can Communicators get a seat at the table?

Given this blog site is titled, “Rants & Raves,” one could say that my prior posts were all “raving.” In other words, hopefully useful tips presented with a positive message. So, it’s high time for some ranting. But don’t worry. … Continue reading

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